Snake! A4man

I created this character portrait of Snake for a warm up before diving into commissioned projects. Think I created myself a new avatar in the process!

Been making big changes to my site ( it now has bubbles full of work!

Stop by soon as the next post should be an exciting one!

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11 thoughts on “Snake!

  1. Dak says:

    I love your style!

  2. Would care to post you my Wednesdays guest posts. Need gravatar, 4-6 sentence bio with your blog site address and 3 sample drawings your choice. Include title for each. Must be sent as jpegs including bio. Let me know you have received this note.

  3. This is SO awesome! You have an amazing gift.

  4. laofli says:

    To be able to interpret a character in a distinctive, personal way but keeping it still recognisable demands crazy skillz! And you got it ;).

  5. Oh, I love your style! I’m so envious of people who can do graphical stuff. Very awesome. 🙂

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