Counter Attack!

CA Banner new.

CC! A4man


Been busy over the past 2 weeks working on a commission for the guys at Counter Attack! I created a new ‘CA!’ Logo, podcast illustration, website banner as well as several avatars.

Counter Attack! is a news/ reviews website. I actually listen to their podcast weekly as I do my artwork, as a team they have great chemistry which it makes it a good listen.

I wanted to try to capture their personalities in the design. So that when you listen to the podcast you could put a face to the voice. They came up with the idea of having objects from their favourite games and I believe this was a great starting point. For the CA! logo I created a slick, clean and professional look.

I usually get most of my latest news stories from CA!  as I get regular email updates, so you should check them out and subscribe!

Counter Attack website

A4man Twiter

A4man website

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7 thoughts on “Counter Attack!

  1. simpleek says:

    I really liked what you did for the Counter Attack guys. Again, your artwork is amazing. You probably already knew that. 🙂 I’ll stop gushing now.

  2. Chuck says:

    Again, thanks for the work. Its awesome as usual!

  3. Really nice. Counter Attack should be pleased.

  4. Cool pictures! Counter Attack should love your work! I certainly do 🙂


  5. 76sanfermo says:

    Not conventional , really good production!

  6. tiramit says:

    Hi there! I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award and the Best Moment Award. To find out more, please click here:

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