Gun Monkeys! Illustrations, art work and sketches.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Size Five Games who asked if I would do some artwork for their upcoming game Gun Monkeys. I created this illustration for the menu screen. It’s the first thing you see when you boot up the game, the illustration subtly moves on the screen giving it even more impact and atmosphere.

GunMonkeys Title. A4man

The games cover for steam. I created it large to allow for tweaks to be made if necessary once it’s out of my hands.

Gun Monkeys Cover.A4man


After a few tweaks this monkey head design is used as the ‘customise your monkey colour’ avatar in the game. He looks great being slightly animated too.


Sketches and artwork of the Gun Monkeys. Experimenting with different approaches to his look and textures for the final piece. Several are used as Steam achievements for the game.


Achievements A4man 2

Achievements A4man 3

Achievements A4man 4

Achievements A4man 5

Achievements A4man 6

Achievements A4man 7

Achievements A4man 8

Achievements A4man 9

GunMonkeys 11 A4man

You can buy Gun Monkeys on Steam: here

All Gun Monkeys work is copyright by Size Five Games.


For commissions email me at



Twitter: @A4manArtist

Instagram: A4manArtist 

Tumblr: a4manartist

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4 thoughts on “Gun Monkeys! Illustrations, art work and sketches.

  1. laofli says:

    Congratulations! They were right to ask you, your illustrations turned out great!

  2. Sam Leung says:

    Congrats! That’s awesome and your artwork looks great! 😀

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