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Cube Crazy!

Cube Crazy. A4man

Usually as a warm up before a new project I like to illustrate my take on a game I’m currently playing. This time however its slightly different. My last project was to create Deco Art for the video game Gun Monkeys and it seemed wrong not to create a piece based on this game as it’s what I’m currently playing, and I’m genuinely enjoying it!

Cube Crazy is inspired by that moment in the game when you see the other monkey dashing for the same energy cube as you. My kamikaze monkey will always set off a bomb. Dashing out the way and leaving the other monkey to it’s fate and you picking up the reward.

This technique works most of the time…


…but not all of the time…


…but when it does it always leads to victory!


Gun Monkeys is available now on Steam.



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