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Hack, Slash, Loot! Steam Trading Card Illustrations.

I have been buried in my sketchbooks for the past few weeks creating illustrations for the video game Hack, Slash, Loot created by David Williamson. I was commissioned to create Steam Trading Card art, backgrounds and badges based on characters from the game. This was a joy to work on. Seen as I am a big fan of the game it was an honour to create official artwork for it!  In fact it will always remain a favourite of mine as it introduced me to the ‘rouge like’ video game genre.

Style wise Hack Slash Loot is pixel art. I used my style to illustrate how I imagine the characters to look beyond the pixels. I had already played the game for many hours but in-between drawings I revisited it to find inspiring scenarios or characters to illustrate. There were so many more enemy characters I wanted to add to these cards but this game is jam packed with them and I could only choose a few.

Steam Trading Card Illustrations

Woodland Elf HSL A4man

AmazonHSL A4man

EnchantressHSL A4man

Hill Dwarf HSL A4man

Knight HSL A4man

Saracen HSL A4man

Wizard HSL A4man

Hack, Slash, Loot Steam Profile Backgrounds

Elf Background A4man

Amazon Background A4man

Enchantress Background A4man

Dwarf Background A4man

Knight Background A4man

Saracen Background A4man

Wizard Background A4man

Hack, Slash, Loot Steam Badges

Badges HSL A4man

As I was busy creating these cards Nicola Welbourne (@NicWelbourne) crafted these models below based on the illustrations. Love how they have turned out!

SkullHSL A4man

Vamp2HSL A4man

VampHSL A4man

You can buy Hack Slash Loot via Steam, and collect a few cards as you play. Looking forward to seeing what game David Williamson has in store next. He created an addictive gem with Hack, Slash, Loot!

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