Fangus (Animation)

What happens when five creative professionals work on a project? Fangus! It’s a charming two minute short stop motion that with give you a warm feeling and throwback to the types of animation and films you used to love.

You can watch Fangus below, enjoy!

Fangus was created by Judith Johnston who also crafted the set and models (@JudithDesign).

The soundtrack by David F Burrows (@Davidburrows).

Animation by Nicola Welbourne (@NicWelbourne).

Lighting by Ruan Suess (website).

Illustration by Adam Foreman (@A4manArtist)


Concept art for credit illustration:

Fangus credits concept art test. A4man

Illustrations created for Fangus:

Fangus A4man 03

Fangus A4man 01

Fangus A4man 02

Fangus A4man 04


Fangus Blog A4man

Thanks for watching! 😀

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14 thoughts on “Fangus (Animation)

  1. That’s brilliant. Little Fangus is too cute! More please 🙂

  2. madelineaudrey says:

    Super cute! Love stop motion – brilliant job!

  3. sweet0nion says:

    Wow. That is simply fantastic.

  4. Toni Slate says:

    Genius creation! More more more!!!

  5. killkaties says:

    Great animation. Your illustrations are amazing too!!

  6. Absolutely charming!

  7. Loved it! Awesome work!

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