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‘Year of the App, What’s your Avatar?’ Notebook design.


Technology is advancing at an impressive rate. Tablets and mobile phones are becoming more user friendly and accessible to all age groups. They are the current source of information and entertainment. You can look up much needed information, play video games or watch TV, but these aren’t usually possible without one thing, an app!

There is an app on your phone or ipad for almost anything but social networking plays a big part. You are encouraged to share high scores in games, share the current film you’re watching or just generally announce to all your friends and family what’s on your mind.

It’s an exciting year as 2013 will see the start of the new generation of gaming consoles being released. According to early announcements, the main advancement with the new consoles is that they will make use of social interaction and this is their big selling point. It’s now easier than ever to play with your friends online or compete with strangers across the world. With gaming you can customise avatars that others playing online can see. Some are as simple as your favourite games others you can personalise and they essentially become your online persona.

This is what I have tried to reflect in my design, which shows two people interacting using apps on their tablet and mobile phone, their appearance representing their gaming avatars. The people stand back to back absorbed in their own worlds, yet their avatars happily interact in the virtual world. Anyone can find an app to suit them.

Thanks to my twitter followers who replied to my questions regarding their favourite apps and avatars.


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