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10 thoughts on “Commissions

  1. Karrypto says:

    You’re probably getting tons of requests to draw this or that Dota 2 hero, but it doesn’t hurt to ask I guess. I’d really like to see your take on Templar Assassin aka Lanaya, so if by any chance you’ve got time and/or are in the mood to draw her, it’d be much appreciated.

    • A4man says:

      Hey, cheers for the comment! I will see what I can do. Been tempted to illustrate my take on her for a while, seems like an interesting character. I need to play as her for a while though to do it justice. Best research ever playing video games!

  2. You’ve got a great style. I’d love to see what you do with Parappa the Rappa.

    Do you sell prints anywhere by the way? It’d be awesome to have some of your work framed on the wall.

  3. A4man says:

    Parappa the Rappa, what a great request! Classic! Yes, I’m the process of getting art prints created. Just a few for each illustration. I will post on my blog when they are available. Thanks for your awesome comment!

  4. Torin says:

    Draw Maxwell (Don’t Starve) being grabbed by shadow hands. Ps I’m talking about the non-playable Maxwell the tall one. I’m gonna shut up now.

  5. dthegamer says:

    Could I commission you to make me a picture I can use as an avatar/banner-type thing for my blog/other social media? It would be a pic of me, so I would have to send it to you. Let me know if you are interested! I would be willing to give you some monies!

  6. Andrew "Beanie" Kaser says:

    I figure you get Dota 2 hero requests a lot, but i just can’t help myself. Your unique style is far too awesome to pass up.

    Can you do Clockwerk (Rattletrap) reeling in with his hookshot?

  7. Lars says:

    How do you feel about drawing Jak & Daxter? I’ve a preference for second game shenanigans with the Krimzon Guards, but any other point in the series is fine too.

    Also, love your work! 😀

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