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Chimera Sculpt.

Chimera Model A4man

Model created by Nicola Welbourne based on my Resistance illustration. LOVE how it’s turned out. He sits proudly on my desk.

Some making of pictures:

Chimera Model Making Photos A4man

Nicola’s Website:

My website:

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Counter Attack!

CA Banner new.

CC! A4man


Been busy over the past 2 weeks working on a commission for the guys at Counter Attack! I created a new ‘CA!’ Logo, podcast illustration, website banner as well as several avatars.

Counter Attack! is a news/ reviews website. I actually listen to their podcast weekly as I do my artwork, as a team they have great chemistry which it makes it a good listen.

I wanted to try to capture their personalities in the design. So that when you listen to the podcast you could put a face to the voice. They came up with the idea of having objects from their favourite games and I believe this was a great starting point. For the CA! logo I created a slick, clean and professional look.

I usually get most of my latest news stories from CA!  as I get regular email updates, so you should check them out and subscribe!

Counter Attack website

A4man Twiter

A4man website

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Snake! A4man

I created this character portrait of Snake for a warm up before diving into commissioned projects. Think I created myself a new avatar in the process!

Been making big changes to my site ( it now has bubbles full of work!

Stop by soon as the next post should be an exciting one!

Twitter @AdsTra

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